To Keep the Traditional Craftsmanship Alive, Cross-Strait Youth Look for “Kungfu Panda”

NANJING, China, Jan. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Look at the ingenious Yun Brocade, the magnificent colored porcelain, the vivid sugar paintings… Those ancient handicraft skills remain glorious over the great land of China after being passed down for thousands of years. On January 17, Modern Express, a well-known Chinese media, released a video. As the Spring Festival drew near, a few young people from Nanjing, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan decided to set out together, to look for “Kung Fu Panda” hidden in the streets.

To Keep the Traditional Craftsmanship Alive, Cross-Strait Youth Look for “Kungfu Panda”

Who can say traditional Brocade can’t be fashionable? Zheng Yuqi, a young man from Nanjing, found an adorable Yun Brocade panda in Nanjing Yun Brocade Institute, “I can’t believe it was knitted. The skill is literally amazing.” Yang Jianshun, a municipal inheritor of Yun Brocade from Nanjing Yun Brocade Institute, said, “The Yun Brocade has brilliant colors, exquisite materials, complex process and fine producing skills. It is regarded as one of the representatives of luxury products coming from China.”

In a street of Hong Kong, Hui Yen Nam pushed open the gate of Yuet Tung China Works to find Tso Ip Ching Kiu Ruby, the founder of Hong Kong Glaze by Kamex. With its perfect fusion of Chinese technique and Western style, Hong Kong Guangcai amazes the world. Painting a panda on porcelain made Hui feel the glamour of “Weaving Gold Colored Porcelain.”

Using a spoon as a pen, liquid sugar as ink, Lee Chi Shing, a young man from Macao, was learning to produce sugar painting from Ma Jiao at her studio, who is the inheritor of Ma’s sugar painting technique. Combining the sugar painting techniques with freehand brushwork, Ma completed a “kungfu panda” with smart lines and sweet aroma at one go.

Flip, fold, shape… Wang Pinyu, a young man from Taiwan, was learning paper sculpture seriously under Hung Hsinfu’s guidance. Hung is a paper sculpture artist from Taiwan. With their joint efforts, a plain sheet of paper was turned into a cuddly paper panda through magical craftsmanship. Wang exclaimed, “It seems easy until you try it. Such techniques are admirable. “

By looking for “Kungfu Panda”, cross-Strait youth actually saught how to carry forward traditional skills. Behind the different handicraft skills of Yun Brocade, Guangcai, sugar painting and paper carving is the common pursuit and inheritance of beauty among the Chinese people.

Cross-Strait youth voiced their shared resolution and aspiration, “It’s our duty to keep the traditional craftsmanship alive.”

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