17Sing APP signed the Almighty King Yan Aaron’s press conference ended perfectly

TAIPEI, Feb. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On February 14, 2023, the press conference of Aaron Yan, the brand ambassador of 17Sing APP, was grandly held at CornerMax, the new music mecca. Aaron Yan, the first brand ambassador of 17Sing APP, attended the event in person, and there were hundreds of media, the Taiwan executive of 17Sing APP, friendly partners of 17Sing APP brand and hundreds of fans in this grand event.

17Sing APP held a ambassador press conference and signed the Almighty King Aaron Yan as the first ambassador.

At the press conference, Aaron Yan, the ambassador for 17Sing APP, made no secret of his love for 17Sing APP: “I usually like to sing very much, but the busy schedule makes the time very trivial. Fortunately, 17Sing APP allows me to sing at any time when I take a shower, ride in the car, or suddenly want to sing at home on weekends.Through the 17Sing APP, I can also practice singing at any time to better interpret the lyrics and melody.” During the press conference, he shared a variety of vocal skills he usually sings, and interacted closely with the host to demonstrate the changes in the core of the abdomen when singing. Finally, the press conference came to an end after Aaron Yan and Zhang Pengwei, marketing director of 17Sing APP, jointly lit up the ceremony stage.

Regarding the signing of Almighty King Aaron Yan as the first ambassador for 17Sing APP since it was launched 8 years ago, Zhang Pengwei, Marketing Director of 17Sing APP, said at the press conference: “For a long time, 17Sing APP has been operating the APP with the core concept of providing diversified and interesting music social functions, so as to help you who have music dreams to stand out. However, in the past we mostly operated on Innovating products and cultivating users silently. But after 2019, we will pay more attention to building the brand image, and let more people know about the brand through various cross-border cooperation, event sponsorship, user experience meetings and other activities, so as to achieve the purpose of building brand awareness. It is believed that with the joining of ambassador Aaron Yan, the brand can reach a new peak and achieve leapfrog growth in overall publicity volume, operating income, and profit diversification.”

Hailee, general manager of 17Sing APP, said: “The post-epidemic era will be the best time for the development of 17Sing APP. With the lifting of various restrictions caused by the epidemic, various online entertainment methods will accelerate changes and will reach their peak. Then, with the enrichment of entertainment methods, 17Sing APP will continue to adhere to the mission of ‘creating dreams for new voice generations and creating a music social platform’, and will create a better product experience for users, so that people can experience a better entertainment life .”

The 17Sing APP brand will rely on the continuous in-depth cooperation with Aaron Yan to build a communication bridge with young people through his music and stories. Let young people discover the benefits of singing, and encourage everyone to face obstacles positively and enjoy the fun of music, so that young people can face the future with more focused beliefs and a more positive attitude, just like Aaron Yan, keep working hard for everything you love, and exert your greater potential.

17Sing APP will continue to uphold the good original intention, constantly use technology to upgrade the singing function of the APP, create more intelligent AI experience, and establish a complete system integrating singing, beauty, and sound repair. With excellent technical capabilities and service concepts, 17Sing APP will provide a better platform for users who love to sing.

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