Xiaoguo Comedy Wraps Up Successful North American Tour

Xiaoguo Comedy Brings Chinese Culture and Laughter to North America

VANCOUVER, BC, Feb. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — China’s Xiaoguo Comedy recently completed its first-ever six-show tour of North America, running from January 27 to February 14. The troupe’s 12 standup comedians, led by Li Dan, performed shows in the United States in Seattle, San Jose, Los Angeles, and New York before heading to Canada’s Toronto and Vancouver.

Xiaoguo Comedy Completes Successful North American Tour with Stop in Vancouver, Attracting Thousands of Standup Fans.

The group delivered their unique flavor of standup comedy, making sharp observations on youthful elements of life, social pressure, and other societal issues for North American comedy fans. The comedians gave their own takes and insights gleaned from their time in North America, helping them to strike up a rapport with the local audiences and triggering a hugely positive response.

“Comedy is a common language connecting all those who love comedy through laughter,” said He Xiaoxi, co-founder and CEO of Xiaoguo Comedy. “When the audience is connected through humor, everyone comes together to enjoy the power of comedy at Xiaoguo’s shows. This is our deeper goal when we first set out on this tour, to connect with larger groups of people and let audiences in America experience the charm of Chinese culture through laughter.”

“As dedicated organizers, the very fact that this North American tour was completed so successfully is also a testament to the broad connectivity of what we do. I think it’s meaningful and valuable for Chinese people to get together, feel the charm of their own language, and make comedy that belongs to their own national culture. It’s also a way to see the world through a more optimistic prism,” he added.

The rise of standup comedy in China has been fueled by a new generation of young people more eager to discuss social topics. Xiaoguo’s comedians typically discuss themes that resonate with them, such as He Guangzhi discussing life as a “Shanghai drifter” and NiaoNiao telling the story of her times as a single woman. These anecdotes make up material that anyone may be able to react to, naturally striking a chord with a wide audience. For China’s younger generations, standup comedy has become a “mouthpiece” for everyone who loves life.

With China and Shanghai’s recent rapid development and continuous improvements in society, the country’s population is becoming increasingly adept at showing their youthfulness, humor, and self-confidence, telling their own stories more easily and coming together with laughter, a fundamental reason why standup comedy has thrived there, especially in Shanghai where the troupe first started.

“Standup comedy is ultimately a cultural industry,” commented Huang Ping, a professor of Chinese at East China Normal University. “Culture needs a free, open and tolerant atmosphere, and the industry requires a developed and deep market environment. Both of these aspects are present in Shanghai.”

Members of Xiaoguo Comedy have been able to encapsulate their generation’s lifestyle through their stories, effectively expressing their takes on life from the perspectives of younger Chinese members of society. They have successfully used standup comedy as a new form of language to express themselves and gain the audience’s adoration while also telling the story of China to more and more people in more places, including overseas.

Taking to the North American stage, these Chinese performers have become representatives of the country’s culture. They tell audiences about their own lives as a basis for discussing the attitudes and ideas of young people today, forming a new platform for giving people a voice in the modern world.

Xiaoguo Comedy’s success with its North American tour is only the first step in the company’s global market expansion. After the North American tour, the troupe will continue to bring belly laughs to audiences in other cities around the world.

For more information, please visit Xiaoguo Comedy’s pages on YouTubeInstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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